Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that patients have asked Frequently
No, BeraCare is not a health care provider. We only provide a platform for patients and certified medical facilities and doctors to connect to ensure patients get the right medical services and treatments
At Beracare, we ensure your personal information stays safe with us by: Ensuring patient data is Secured using advanced encryption protocols to prevent any unauthorized access. Utilizing a security firewall on our systems that monitor all sessions and flags off any unusual activities as soon as they are detected. Staffing a dedicated tech team that helps to monitor the system constantly against any potential threats, including: data breaches, adware, hackers, pop-ups, phishing attempts and any other unusual activities.
For in-person consultations, patients get to visit the doctor at the most convenient location, day, and time of their choosing. For video consultations, patients speak to a doctor over an online video link and get medical advice from anywhere and at anytime. For remote second medical opinions, patients get a detailed case review and second medical opinion from a leading and certified specialist.
To schedule or re-schedule a video consultation, you will have to search the doctor and check the availability of the timeslot. Now, you can book an appointment as per your scheduled time.
Kindly download Bera App on the Google play or app store, register with your phone number, click on Doctors and start chating there and then
Any phone can be used, android and ios.
The consultation is not timely-based but lasts until and unless the patient is satisfied. Our utmost priority is to solve patient's concerns.
Yes, you can re-schedule your appointment as long your subscription plan is still valid.
If you miss the consultation call, you will not receive a refund, but instead, you will have to re-schedule your appointment before the scheduled consultation time.
Yes, you can consult with the doctor as per your choice.